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Image of MacuShield Vegetarian 90 capsules

MacuShield Vegetarian 90 capsules

MacuShield Vegetarian is a patented formula bringing together three key nutrients; lutein, meso zeaxanthin, and zeaxanthin. These are known to protect the sensitive areas of the eye from environmental stresses. Ageing, smoking, and pollution as well as some sources of light can increase the risk of damage to the sensitive parts of the eye. Taking MacuShield daily can help by adding to the protective pigment layer of the eye; serving to reduce the risk of degeneration. Approved by the vegetarian society, MacuShield Vegetarian has all the benefits of MacuShield in a vegetarian capsule shell. Designed as a one a day food supplement for people with reduced pigment at the macula, MacuShield can also be used as a protective measure for people over the age of 50.

Price: £39.20 from Lenstore

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Image of MacuShield 90 capsules

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