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Blephaclean 20 sterile pads

Blephaclean wipes are a convenient solution for maintaining daily eyelid hygiene, and can be used for the treatment of blepharitis. These sterile pads help to reduce and regulate excess oil production, and can be used twice daily to remove eyelash crusts and traces of make up. Blephaclean also contains natural moisturisers and repairing agents, known for their properties in restoring and soothing the surrounding skin. Unwanted debris is easily removed by massaging the closed eyelid and eyelash area in small circular motions, using a new pad for each eye. Theres no need to rinse out your eyes after use, and each wipe is individually wrapped.

Price: £9.45 from Lenstore

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Blephaclean (20 sterile pads) £9.45 Visit Store
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